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Malware Security is well-versed in providing technical security assistance and council to government. Our team are highly experienced with government procedures and policies, and our personnel hold federal government security clearances (through AGSVA). Having worked with numerous government entities, we are adept at delivering tailored, prompt, and pragmatic support and guidance

Financial Sector

Malware Security has conducted penetration testing against both development and production systems within the Australian financial sector. These tests led to the detection of configuration issues in products and the identification of previously unknown vulnerabilities. By uncovering these issues an supplying detailed remediation measures, Malware Security secured these institutions from potential financial losses, reputational damage and regulatory penalties.

Private Industry

Malware Security has worked with a wealth of private industry clients, spanning various sectors. Our assessments have unearthed costly vulnerabilities and equipped our private clients with the knowledge to strengthen their security frameworks. By providing in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations, we have enabled private enterprises to safeguard their sensitive data and digital assets, provide customers with assurance, and ensure smooth business continuity.

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