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Over the last decade, our obsession with cyber security has led to building an experienced team of passionate cyber security experts. We have extensive experience in both industry and government. Our company and employees have been trusted to provide security assessments, respond to incidents, and advise and guide organisations of all sizes.

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Security Testing

We love to fire highly targetted bits and bytes through cyberspace. Our highly qualified security experts will be able...

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Cyber Hygiene

We monitor your internet presence and fundamental security hygiene indicators. When things change, we will let you know...

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Maturity Assessment

We provide tailored security maturity assessments for organisations of all sizes. We have extensive experience assessing...

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IRAP Assessments

Working with the Australian Government? We have IRAP assessors able to assist you with completing an IRAP assessment on...

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Vulnerability Assessment

With extensive experience in performing vulnerability assessments, we are happy to help you by providing a quality...

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Incident Response

Responding to incidents at the speed of cyber! We provide pre and post-compromise advice and assistance to keep your...

Our Difference

At Malware Security, we all started with a technical ground roots understanding of information technology and business processes. Then we applied this grass-roots understanding to build our knowledge of cyber security. This lets us provide insightful and valuable information that our experts provide to you, allowing you to keep the edge in the cyber domain and keep your business running while others fail.

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